Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese-style Nanairo Chef's Deba Knife 180mm ABS Resin Handle [Green-Tortoiseshell]

Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese-style Nanairo Chef’s Deba Knife 180mm ABS Resin Handle [Green-Tortoiseshell]

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When it comes to professional cutlery and tools used in the kitchen, Japan is indeed home to the latter. Known as a destination with long, rich cultured history of cutlery production and handcrafted equipment, numerous cities and prefectures in Japan are home to premium-quality Japanese knives and worldwide famous Japanese knife brands that are worth having in possession.

Worldwide Japanese food lovers and gourmets appreciate the delicacy Japanese cuisine offers and portrays through its fine selections of varying ingredients. Most Japanese delicacies often feature raw fish – be it Salmon, Sea Bass, or Fatty Tuna. Japanese delicacies will feature intricate cooking processes which will require utilizing specific Japanese knives for distinct skills and techniques.

As this is a challenge and absolutely not something that can be done so easily, Japanese head chefs and culinary experts are always in the search for high-end quality Japanese knives equipped with fine selected handles, excellent blade bodies with rust resistance feature, stain resistance, extreme blade sharpness, and durability to ensure all traditional techniques can be done. Slicing, chopping, cutting, and filleting are the major techniques required to craft Japanese delicacies like sashimi and sushi dishes. However, each technique requires specific knife types, different stroke patterns, and distinct skills to master what needs to create unique, yet authentic Japanese culinary delicacies.

Among the famous, widely-used Japanese knife brands professionals recommend, Sakai Takayuki tops the charts for its premium-quality hard steels used in the forging of all blades. It is one of Japan’s oldest Japanese knife brands with a long history that can be dated back to decades – introducing the best Japanese knife models to the culinary industry.

Up until today, Sakai Takayuki is still a leading knife manufacturer, a trusted knife brand with all kinds of knife types available – be it the Gyuto, Santoku, Deba, Bunka, Sujihiki, Nakiri, or the Chef’s Petty knife. With various handle materials, fine-selected and tested to be durable and efficient enough to hold the hard steel blades, Sakai Takayuki often features premium-quality woods, rare gemstones, and even fine-quality resins.

Although there are wide arrays of best-selling Sakai Takayuki knife models and series, Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese-style Nanairo Chef’s Deba Knife 180mm with ABS Resin Handle [Green-Tortoiseshell] is definitely among the models highly recommended by knife users – both beginners and professionals.

Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese-style Nanairo Chef’s Deba Knife 180mm with ABS Resin Handle [Green-Tortoiseshell] is among Sakai Takayuki’s top Deba knife models with high-quality ABS resin handle that comes in a greenish, tortoise shell hues. Further elevating the luxury, this knife model features extremely high-quality INOX stainless steel AUS8A, which is a steel type made in Japan, with excellent durability and extreme sharpness. These are the basic benefits and capabilities of this specific Deba knife by Sakai Takayuki.

Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese-style Nanairo Chef’s Deba Knife 180mm with ABS Resin Handle [Green-Tortoiseshell] is also forged with the Japanese traditional production technology, resulting in high blade performance, enhanced efficiency, and the desired rust and stain resistance features. Its excellent razor-sharp, pointy knife edge and the half-rounded octagonal lacquered ABS resin handle proves to be odorless, hygienic, anti-bacterial, and extremely durable.

Easy and comfortable grips are also guaranteed in the hands of users – as most reviews highly recommend this knife series due to the comfort and ease of usage. Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese-style Nanairo Chef’s Deba Knife 180mm with ABS Resin Handle [Green-Tortoiseshell] is absolutely a must-have knife in the kitchen and also a great knife to have in possession even for knife collectors. Even if it isn’t a Japanese dish you are cooking, this Deba knife can perform all the chops and excellent strokes you need to get your cooking processes done without hassle.