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The Distinctive Features of Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are indispensable tools in home cooking. Their features are designed to accommodate a wide array of culinary tasks, offering versatility, ease of use, and durability. This article will discuss the unique characteristics that make kitchen knives essential for any kitchen, whether Western or Japanese. Versatility The primary feature of kitchen knives is their versatility. Whether it’s slicing, dicing, chopping, or mincing, these knives […]


Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M Japanese Chef’s Petty Knife (Utility) 130mm with Urushi Lacquered Oak Handle and Yu Kurosaki R2(SG2) Hammered SENKO-EI WA WN8W Japanese Chef’s Petty Knife (Utility) 130mm with White-Ring Walnut Handle

img by : Diners and gourmets who are big fans of Japanese food will definitely find it almost impossible to deny the cravings when a Japanese dish is served right in front of them, on elegant-looking plates. The vivid-colored pieces and slices of delicious Salmon or Mackerel placed and topped on cooked, warm Japanese rice mixed with several seasonings revealed the subtle flavors that […]


Why Japanese Knives?

When it comes to cooking, it can’t be denied that a knife is probably one of the most essential tools needed in the kitchen. To perfectly slice through dense ingredients like bones, chop veggies like a pro, and dice carrots into desired cubes and blocks, a professional cutlery is needed to ensure all processes are going fine. In Japanese culinary, though, a normal kitchen knife […]


How to Clean a Kitchen Knife

Of all the utensils commonly found in a household or commercial kitchen, knives are by far one of the most used. Due to the constant usage, the knives will need to be frequently cleaned in order to remove all the food, oils, and debris that may become stuck to the blade and handle. Knowing how to properly clean kitchen knives is important, as proper cleaning […]


Japanese sushi tips

When most people hear the word, “Sushi”, they immediately think of raw fish. In truth, dishes made with raw fish are called “Sashimi”. Sushi is among the world’s most-loved Japanese delicacies that has touched the hearts of diners and gourmets worldwide with unique flavors and subtleness. Definition of sushi What defines Sushi is any dish made with vinegar rice, which may or may not include […]